Detroit Threat Management Deluxe Edition

This package includes the feature film 'Detroit Threat Management', as well as six deleted scenes, totaling more than 45 minutes of extra content, cut from the film and never before shown to the public. These scenes, close to the director's heart, give an added layer of intimacy to the story of the VIPERS. You'll meet the soft-spoken, gun-toting Chris, as he goes out drinking with his sisters on a rare night off from Detroit Threat Management. You'll meet 'Silverback Gorilla', the muscular, tattooed former cable salesman whose son recently ran away to Chicago to sell magazines. You'll hear Pete Cotrell, the group's lieutenant commander, going into detail on the coming apocalypse. And you'll see the VIPERS as they train, teach, and protect people around the struggling city of Detroit.

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8 Videos

  • Chris



  • Detroit Threat Management

    1h 13m

    The VIPERS are a secretive paramilitary squadron based in a bunker on the Detroit River. Led by the ambitious Commander Brown, they split their time between corporate bodyguard work, self-defense training courses, and pro-bono community service, defending women and families from violent ex-husban...

  • Detroit Threat Management Trailer

    2m 32s

  • Silverback
    6m 58s


    6m 58s

  • Cotrell
    7m 54s


    7m 54s

  • Dark House

    3m 4s

  • A Field Trip

    8m 37s

  • Training
    5m 8s


    5m 8s